Recipe – Thai Prawn Curry

I grew up eating freshly cooked meals every night and I still like to make the effort to prepare interesting meals using fresh ingredients most of the time.
With some preparation and effort, it doesn’t takes much more time to make varied and healthy dishes than it does to prepare frozen food or ready meals and it often costs less!

With that in mind, here is a recipe for a simple and quick to make yet healthy meal which is perfect a midweek dinner.
I ideally like to have two fish based meals, two vegetarian meals and three meat based meals per week. With that in mind, this curry can be altered to fit any of these categories by simply substituting the prawns for meat or more vegetables.


Oil for frying
Chestnut Mushrooms
Water Chesnuts
Coconut MIlk
Thai Green Curry Paste (Blue Dragon)
Crayfish Tails (optional)

Any other vegetables – I think tendersteam brocolil, green beans or baby sweetcorn also go well in this dish.



Slice the mushrooms, peppers and chillis and fry till soft.
Add in an appropriate amount of curry paste (I made curry for two and used half a jar).
When the vegetable mixture is sizzling, drain the water chestnuts then mix in.
Pour some coconut milk (again, I used half a can) into the pan and stir.

IMG_1233Boil the noodles and drain when soft.
Finally, add the prawns into the pan and ensure they are thoroughly heated through.
If the curry has reduced too much or is spicier than you like, then pour in a little more coconut milk.

Serve and enjoy!!



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