Bristol – Zoo

A couple of weeks ago I visited Bristol Zoo for the first time. I had a lovely day and was really impressed by the Zoo as it was really well laid out, there was lots of information, especially on the zoo’s conservation work, and the enclosures looked well designed. I would definitely recommend a trip to Bristol Zoo for anyone visiting the South-West.

Interestingly, Bristol Zoo also hosts weddings and was doing so on the day I visited. This meant that among the hyperactive children, camera wielding tourists and teenage lovebirds, there were wedding guests wandering around the exhibitions on the muddy ground dressed to the nines and drinking champagne! It was an amusing combination, I only wish I had taken a photograph.

One of the things that I don’t like about zoos, however, is when children make a lot of noise around the animals or bang on the glass to make them react and the parents don’t do anything, I find it so difficult not to tell the children off myself!

What are you opinion on zoos? If you like to visit them, what is the best zoo you have been to?

P.S., later on in my ‘Blogging My Travels’ series, I will be discussing Cologne zoo!

J 🙂


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