Bath is only a 15 minute train ride away from Bristol, so I have been eager to visit since I moved down to this part of the country.

I was taken back by how beautiful the city, a UNESCO world heritage site, was. Bath reminded my somewhat of Edinburgh, in terms of the hills, architecture and definitely the tourists!

I had a lovely day in Bath and visited two museums, Victoria and Holburne, two tea shops, Hands Georgian Tearooms and Sally Lunn’s, Bath abbey and went on a two hour walking tour which was completely free!

I decided only to do things that did not cost anything on this trip, so I have left a lot to do when I next return, hopefully with other people to show off this lovely city.

There is so much history in Bath, from the Roman origins through to the beautiful Georgian architecture. Being a Jane Austen fan (who isn’t?), i was also fascinated to see so many places which are mentioned in her works first hand.

I got into the tourist persona and took lots of pictures which you can see below!
IMG_1525IMG_1516IMG_1498IMG_1532IMG_1512IMG_1470IMG_1543IMG_1541IMG_1501IMG_1539IMG_1494IMG_1509IMG_1487IMG_1495IMG_1528IMG_1538IMG_1491IMG_1506IMG_1480 (2)IMG_1508IMG_1489IMG_1479IMG_1467IMG_1497IMG_1490IMG_1536IMG_1482IMG_1535

J 🙂


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  1. Laura says:

    Great post! I’m also saving up some things to do on my return to Bath 🙂
    Oh, and lucky you, living in Bristol. It’s my favourite city (don’t tell Brighton).


    1. J says:

      Good idea, I can’t wait to go to the Jane Austen museum!
      Haha, thank you, I really like it, can’t comment on Brighton unfortunately.
      I’ve only been here for just over two months and have had to do most of the exploring by myself, so if you have any tips or recommendations, let me know 🙂


  2. btripps says:

    What lovely pictures! having grown up in Bath and lived around the UK a fair bit, I have to say Bath and Bristol are some of the nicest places 🙂 Very friendly and welcoming people and so much going on. As a Jane Austin fan, be sure to go back for a visit during the Jane Austin festival in September!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. J says:

      Thanks for the tip, an Austen festival sounds fantastic ☺


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