Bristol – Clifton Suspension Bridge

In the two weeks between being offered my new job and starting it, I had the first properly free time I have had in several years. One way in which I made the most of this was by getting to know this new part of the country that I have recently moved to (is over two months ago still recent?!) a little bit better. I have already discussed my trip to Bath, now I will share my first visit to the Clifton Suspension Bridge with you.

I say first, because the following weekend I actually went to a party in a cave from which I could see the bridge silhouetted against the night sky which was all a pretty magical experience in itself!

Getting to the bridge was a bit of a trek as it involved a lengthy walk to the west of the city up some very steep hills and it has been a while since I’ve been to the gym! The effort was worth it however, as when I got to the bridge I was rewarded with a very impressing and unexpected view, both of the bridge itself and the view down to the Avon Gorge from it.

I spent some time at the small Visitor Centre on the Leigh Woods side of the Bridge. Although I wasn’t so interested in all the information to do with the engineering of the bridge, I really enjoyed the section of the museum that told the stories of some of the people and events concerned with the Suspension Bridge. In particular, I enjoyed the story of a lady who jumped off the bridge having been spurned by a lover, but whose large dress acted as a parachute and slowed her fall so that she gently landed on the river banks, and who was then inundated with proposals when her story spread around. I also enjoyed the story of the Bridge Master who worked on the bridge every day for many years without ever stepping a foot on it due to his fear of heights.

I would say that after my visit, I can definitely understand why the bridge is such a well deserved icon of Bristol and, as you can see, I enjoyed photographing around the area.



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