The day after the Brexit results came out, I decided to escape away from all of the real world problems and go to the smallest city in the UK, Wells.
Wells, in Somerset, gets it’s city status due to having a Cathedral, although the population is only around 11,000. You may recognise some of it as a lot of ‘Hot Fuzz’ was filmed in Wells!
I travelled from Bristol via bus on a very rainy day, which was suiting my general mood. Unfortunately, although I brought my camera with me, I forgot my SD card so all of the photos had to be taken on my phone camera.

Once I had got my bearings somewhat, I visited the Bishop’s Palace. I didn’t go inside the Palace, but wandered around the grounds a bit and then walked around the circumference of the Palace by the moat.
They were lots of duck in the moat. I stood for a while watching them swimming around in formation and they cheered me up a lot.
There was a large swan which was out of the water, wandering around on the lawn. A group of tourists were crowding around the swan and posing to take photos which made me very nervous as I know how dangerous they can be, hence why I have no photos of it.

Next to the Cathedral, there was a small museum called the Wells and Mendip Museum which I went in to hide from the rain for a while and learn some things about the area.
The museum was very varied and some of it was quite old fashioned but there were also several quite interesting areas.
There was an exhibition about how the First World War affected Wells which had a trench area you could walk through and presented an interesting angle on the well known recent past. There was also a nice collection of samplers and an example of an excavated cave.

The main attraction in the city is by far the Gothic style medieval Cathedral that took over 300 years to build.
I luckily managed to join a small tour that was just starting to learn more about the history of the Cathedral and how it was built. The tour was definitely a good idea as the Cathedral was massive and had lots of different areas within it.
There was also a very cool astronomical clock from 1325 which I managed to see chiming on the hour.

In the museum I went to, they gave me some directions for a self-led walking tour which I followed for a while until the directions got soggy from the rain. The best place the tour led me down was a street called the Vicars’ Close which is seemingly the oldest purely residential street with the original buildings still intact in all of Europe.
When I abandoned the tour, I stopped in at a Café where I had a very large and very sugary piece of banoffee fudge and watched the world go by for a while, all looking a little better than it had done that morning.

I am glad I went to Wells in my post-Brexit fog as it was a nice way to get out of the city for a bit. I would recommend the area as good for any tourists wanting to see somewhere cute and very ‘englishy’.

Happy blogging, J 🙂


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