My Travel Wishlist.

This week I am writing about some of the places I would really like to visit in the not-so-distant future and why.
Owing to time and budget constraints, my travelling experience up till now has mainly been to Western European countries, with last year’s trip to New York being my first time out of Europe. Now that I am a little older and in a better place both financially and with1 the ability to plan in advance, I really want to start venturing further afield soon. Although, there are still so many places in Europe I really need to to visit!
I don’t know about you, but I really love to plan pretend trips from looking up the flights, researching places to stay and planning things to do so by the time I can put some of these travel dreams into reality, I will be totally prepared.
Do let me know where is on your travel wishlist and why these places!

where-is-itNeuschwanstein Castle

I am not sure when I first discovered this magical place, but for a very long time I have really, really, really wanted to visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. I don’t know what exactly it is about the Castle that has captured my imagination, but it seems to me to be such a fantastical looking place that I find it hard to reconcile it with my idea of what exists in real life.
Neuschwanstein Castle was built in the late 1800s in a Neo-Romanesque style and not only featured in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but was also the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle.
I have visited Germany twice now and think it is a great place, in fact I think if I was to move to a country outside of the UK (let’s ignore Brexit, shall we) it would be Germany. My only worries on visiting Neuschwanstein are that it couldn’t live up to my impression of it in my imagination.


Having never visited Asia, I think a great place to start would be Tokyo. It is a city that I have seen a lot in films and photography, but I would love to experience it in real life as I am sure it would be very different in person.
I think the main reasons I wish to visit Tokyo of all places in Asia, is that there are a lot of Japanese things I find really cool or really interesting. For example, I am a fan of Japanese food and would love to get to try all of the authentic food. I also think it would be really cool to see all the different technology that there is in Tokyo and I am quite a bit fan of Studio Ghibli movies so watching these obviously spiked an interest in Japan for me.
A friend who very recently visited Tokyo described the atmosphere as being akin to New York or London in terms of the busyness and bright lights but that it was very clean. As I love big cities like those two, I think Tokyo would be a good fit for me. I would just need to learn a few words of Japanese first!

San Francisco

Before I visited New York last year, I was never very interested to go to the US. Although I had always really wanted to go to New York, there was nowhere else in America that was so interesting to me. I think this is partly because our media is so saturated with images of America that it can sometimes seem quite familiar. After my first visit, however, I was really eager to go back and see more of the country as I know people say that New York isn’t really America so I want to go elsewhere to decide this for myself.
I think in part the reason I want to go to San Francisco is that I have an image in my mind of all the ridiculously steep streets with the cute looking trams which I find quite amusing. Also, I would of course like to see the famous bridge.
I don’t think San Francisco is somewhere I will be going to very soon, as it is on the wrong coast of the USA for me to get to easily but if I got the chance to visit I would definitely reenact scenes from my favourite San Francisco set film and TV; Monk, Inside Out, Mrs. Doubtfire and Vertigo (quite an eclectic collection there…)

Luxembourg Grund DuskLuxembourg

Now I can tell you exactly what it is about Luxembourg which fascinates me so much; it is so small. I remember being young and thinking how brilliant it was that a country could be so small that the name of the country was the same as the name of the capital city (since then I have discovered that Luxembourg isn’t the only country to do this, Mexico being another, but I was only young). Visiting somewhere that has only around 100,00 more people living in the entire country than my current city does is still strangely exciting to me!
I have only ever met a few people from Luxembourg, but whenever I have explained my fascination with their country to them they have always been very surprised. Aside from the smallness factor, I am sure I would like Luxembourg as I love that mix of French and German culture in countries in that region that always have such lovely fairy tale architecture in their Old Towns and beautiful natural scenery.
I also very recently discovered that you can fly to Luxembourg from London with Easyjet…!

2015-08-26-1440612107-7761666-rigalatviasquare_1080pxEastern Europe

This last one is less of a specific destination and a bit more of a general holiday plan. One year, I would love to spend a couple of weeks visiting as many Eastern Europe countries as I could, without rushing them of course. Countries I am interested in visiting include Poland (Warsaw), Hungary (Budapest), Romania (Bucharest), Bulgaria (Sofia), Croatia (Split).
I think it would be very doable to travel between cities by train and therefore get to see even more of Europe as there are often good train connections across the continent and where there aren’t, I would really enjoy working out the simplest routes to take between cities as I LOVE organising train journeys. I also think it would be quite an affordable trip as the prices in Eastern European countries do tend to be lower than in major West European cities and as I have made clear before, I am not opposed to Hostelling!


Happy blogging, J 🙂


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