Well That Was A Year – 2016

Before it gets past the time we can no longer be surprised the year is not 2016, let’s have a quick sum up of that very year.

For me, 2016 was a BIG year! I quit my job, left the city I had lived in since 2010, the country I had lived in since 2001 and moved over 500 miles to the opposite end of the UK.
It did not start brilliantly. First, Bristol was introduced to my life as a place then, quite quickly after, as a possible new home. I experienced many months of ignored job applications, broke a tooth in half which topped off one very low weekend, and eventually spent over two months of soul sucking, hope draining unemployment attending a constant cycle of interviews and receiving an equal amount of rejection.
Of course, interspersed throughout those first six months was some nice stuff. I had a lovely weekend in St. Andrews at the end of January which was the first of many great dance events throughout the year. My first visit to Bristol was lovely, I went to the aquarium and made the decision to move here. I also started this blog during those lonely unemployed days to give me a bit of an outlet, had a lovely leaving night and got to say goodbye to my beloved Aberdeen knowing how much I had grown as a person since I first arrived there aged 17.


The second part of the year, which I count from when I got a job onwards, was very different. I went from being convinced this would be the worst year of my life to, although it has still been pretty stressful , making some great memories. I have met people I have grown to care about in a short time and got to know a whole new part of the UK. I visited Copenhagen, spent the Bank Holiday in London, went to the Balloon Fiesta (my highlight of the year), had a visit from my best friends, went to the beautiful bath Christmas market, spent a weekend on a boat… I also got really involved in the Blues dance scene here which has given me lots of great experiences like partying in a cave, a lazy summer dance picnic, falling in love with DJing and getting to do it for lots of people and, in general, lots of moments of having a warm, squishy feeling inside.


After that roller-coaster of a year, I would like to have a relatively calm and settled 2017. But, to be honest, as long as it involves moving anything less than 500 miles and a period of unemployment less than two months, it will be much less tumultuous. I already have lots of weekends away planned for the first half of the year, and am hoping to get some international travelling in as well, so, you know, hopefully not too calm!

I don’t necessarily have resolutions for 2017, but I do have goals.

Career wise, I want to make sure that the next time I try to move on from a job, I don’t end up in the same position of continually being told I don’t have enough experience. I want to work hard to impress in my current job and take all the opportunities I can there. I also want to try to get experience in other areas by doing some volunteering work and get more involved with the marketing side of things in my current office. Basically, I want to really fill up that CV!

Another thing I want to do is refine and stick to my personal, weekly schedule. I have learnt that smaller goals are more reasonable, so instead of attempting to overhaul my life and do lots of new things, if I instead decide to do something once a week, I am more likely to stick to that. For example, instead of expecting to get super fit and work out all the time, it is more reasonable to plan to go to the gym once a week, go to ballet once a week and eat a little bit less chocolate. Similarly, I am going to set a goal to do three posts here month, as before I was attempting to do loads, not finding the time and allowing that to stress me.

Similarly, I want to become less of a slave to my to do list. I tend to put all of the things on my list, add more and more tasks, leave simple jobs on there for ages and get stressed by how many things I have to do. So, I am going to work on only putting things on my to do list that I won’t remember to do otherwise, and anything else I will just do when I can to keep the list not too full and not too overwhelming.

And lastly, a fun goal. I want to film one second everyday using the 1SE app. I did a trial run of this for all of August to see if I enjoyed it, could stick to it, and to work out tips for it before I had to get something filmed everyday. I learnt lots then and I am already really enjoying working out what to film every day. I will hopefully improve as the year goes on and I may do a post with some advice on 1SE when I have more experience.


I hope you enjoyed this post, do let me know in the comments if you did!
And let’s end with this great graphic summing up the year that was by Chris Barker


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  1. Charley McCaw says:

    Beautiful journey I hope you continue to have a successful year

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