Ideas for alternative things to do in Baltimore and Washington DC?

In under a a weeks time, I am taking my second trip to the USA and visiting Baltimore and Washington DC. Unlike the last time I visited the USA, we don’t really have any idea of what we are going to do while there, apart from eating an unnecessary amount of junk food 😉

I know there are obvious tourist attractions in DC such as the Smithsonian and Lincoln Memorial, but as a Brit, I don’t really know very much about the city. As for Baltimore, all I know is that every time I mention to someone that I am going there, they tell me that The Wire was filmed there. So nothing really very constructive.

While it is actually quite exciting to visit somewhere you don’t really have many preconceived ideas or expectations of, I am looking for some guidance on how to spend our time to make the most of the two cities. I can research the normal touristy things to  do myself, so would really love some advice on alternative, lesser-known things to do in both cities!


There isn’t much that we are not into, although I would say neither of us would be interested in sport based things. Do you have any warning of things that really are not worth doing? Also, according to google, we will be there over memorial day weekend. Are there any interesting things that happen on this weekend? Apologies for my ignorance!

The last time I posted asking for advice it was really helpful, so I am really excited to see what suggestions there are. I will definitely let you know if we go to any recommended places and hopefully some other people can get good advice as well 🙂

Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

J x


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