Food for All Occasions – Eating in Aberdeen.

I know, I know. Restarting the newly named ‘TheBristolDiaries’ with a post about Scotland is a little strange, right? But, as I wrote about back in March, I want to share some of my knowledge of Scotland on this blog, starting with one of the most important things, food! I lived in Aberdeen for 6 years up until last year, so racked up a fair amount of experience of Aberdeen’s eateries over that time. Here are are some of my favourite ever places to eat in Aberdeen:


Cup Cafe – A very cute cafe just off Belmont Street serving beautiful brunches, yummy cakes and ice teas even a non-tea fan like me really enjoys.

The Sanddollar Cafe – I was tempted to also include this in the ‘Date Night’ section as they do lovely evening meals as well, but The Sandollar is truly the best place to spend a hungover Sunday morning. A tasty fried breakfast and a swift blast of North Sea air cures all.

Kilau – I spent almost my entire 6 years in Aberdeen hanging around Old Aberdeen, so became quite well acquainted with Kilau over the years. Really interesting lunch choices and hot chocolate that got me through many deadlines.

Sanddollar Cafe.

Date Night

Amarone – I really like Amarone,  I like it so much that I booked it for my graduation dinner. Really lovely location, great food and always good service. I can also recommend the Amarone in Edinburgh and their sister restaurant in Aberdeen, Cafe Andaluz.

1906 Restaurant at HMT – I used to work here, so I may be a little biased in this recommendation, but I don’t think there is anywhere else you should go to in Aberdeen for a pre-theatre meal. Great food, decent prices and very handy for theatre trips!

The Tippling House – I don’t think I have ever actually eaten at the Tippling House, but I have been there several times for their gorgeous cocktails and having seen their menu, I really wish I had eaten there. Even if you just go for the drinks, it will be a unique experience with their slightly hidden location, table-service waiters and great atmosphere.


Dinner with Friends

Lahore Kahari – When I was last in Aberdeen earlier this year, getting a takeaway from my most favourite Indian restaurant was a must. If you are going to get a takeaway, you may think Lahore Kahari is a little expensive, but it is worth it! I genuinely still think about their sizzling paneer starter, amazing tikka masala and peshwari naans relatively often.

Maggie’s Grill – Head to Maggie’s Grill for super tasty American soul food in a comfortable setting. Quite unique among the food offerings in Aberdeen, Maggie’s Grill is another place I really wish I still could just pop into of an evening and get some Gumbo or Hush Puppies.

Boozy Cow – This eatery has moved location since I was last there, so I can’t really comment on the setting unfortunately, but I think the decadent milkshakes, satisfying sides and exciting burgers speak for themselves.

Maggie’s Grill, obviously.

Drinking Establishments


Six Degrees North – Over my last year or so in Aberdeen this became one of my favourite places to go to. I’m not a huge beer fan, but every time I visited 6 Degrees North the knowledgeable staff could always recommend a beer I would love. They also have a really nice food offering here, 10 out of 10!

Slains Castle – Slains offer enjoyable cocktails at the opposite end of the spectrum to The Tippling House. Cheap, fun and not so cheerful, Slains is themed as a big, gothic, haunted house with hidden bathrooms, pictures with moving eyes and all sorts of nasty surprises.

Little Belmont Hut – For those in the know, you will be able to tell that the Little Belmont Hut isn’t somewhere to get drinks, but rather the best place to go after a night out. Chips and Cheese from the Little Belmont Hut, yes please!

Six Degrees North

Writing this trip was SUCH a trip down memory lane and made me really wish JustEat or Deliveroo etc. allowed you you to order food from Aberdeen to be sent to Bristol 😦
I hope this post has been helpful for those living in Aberdeen, those who are planning on visiting Aberdeen or anyone else for whom it has been a nostalgia feast!

Until next time, J x


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