Bristol Life – Borrowing A Doggy

Meet Orla*, she is my borrowed doggy.

IMG_006422850405_1628202127242803_559171279_o22879410_1628201603909522_436485097_o (1)IMG_0065

Out of everything I have done this year, I can honestly say that one of the best things has been signing up to ‘’. Back in July, soon after I moved into my new flat, one of the very first things I did once we got internet, was to sign up to the website and thank goodness I did!

I can’t even remember where/when I first heard of ‘Borrowmydoggy, but I had been pondering the idea of dog borrowing for a while. Well, after signing up, everything moved a lot faster than I could have imagined! A few days later we were meeting Orla and her lovely owners and, skip forward a few months, I can hardly remember what life was like before Orla was a part of it.

There are lots of other blogs which give detailed information about ‘Borrowmydoggy’, but to sum it up, it’s basically a dating site for dogs. It works for everyone! Dog owners can find people to take their pooch out and give them extra attention and love, and dog borrowers can get all the benefits of having a dog in their life with none of the responsibility.

Among all the great benefits of borrowing Orla, I especially value how it makes us do things we wouldn’t normally do. For example, getting up and out before 10.30 on a weekend to go for a walk and picnic around the beautiful Downs, taking time to search out new bits of town with grassy areas to explore or spending the evening throwing a ball up and down the hall in our flat instead of wasting time on devices!

I am so excited to get properly into Winter (or as winterry as it gets in the tropical South!) to go out for nice frosty walks all wrapped up warm, and then to get into Spring when the nights will get lighter again and we can spend our evenings chasing balls around parks as the flowers start to peak through.

As well as the wonderful doggies, another great thing about ‘Borrowmydoggy’ is the humans! We now have a relationship with Orla’s owners which is really special and will hopefully last for a long time…

If I haven’t already convinced you enough about how wonderful ‘Borrowmydoggy’ is to make you sign up straight away, here are some other blogs you should check out:

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* Name changed.

Have you ever used Borrowmydoggy? Or are you lucky enough to have a pup all to yourself? x


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