Six YouTubers To Watch Now

A few years ago, the only real use I had for YouTube was music videos, the occasional funny dog clip and perhaps the odd tutorial when I didn’t know how to use something. Then one day, after watching a candy tasting video, I watched another video of a young girl singing in her bedroom, and from there, things spiralled. These days, I would count YouTube as a genuine interest of mine. I spend more time watching vlogs than I do watching television and am far more interested in the lives of people I do not know than I ever imagined I could be.

Nowadays, whether I’m cooking, replying to messages, waiting for a train or plane or just cosying up of an evening, I often have YouTube playing. I like a lot of different things, from vlogs of glamorous people living glamorous lives to normal people living very ordinary lives and from make up chats (my biggest guilty pleasure in life) and cinema commentaries to mum vloggers (although I have no children).

In light of this, I thought I would list below some of my favourite YouTubers. I would say that most of the people on this list are pretty mainstream, but these are honestly the people I watch most. There many are other less well known YouTubers I enjoy watching, just not as regularly or for as long as I have enjoyed the below:


Hannah Witton

I think part of the reason I enjoy watching Hannah’s videos is because I see a lot of similarities between me and her. We are both short, book loving people who are abnormally in to organisation and planning, but still know how to have fun.
Hannah’s YouTube niche is that of sex educator and a lot of her videos are focussed on teaching her audience about things related to sexuality both on a larger cultural and a more personal level. While I do find these interesting, I don’t really watch YouTube for educational purposes, so I prefer her other content more, especially the Hormone Diaries series and Drunk Advice.


Louise Pentland

Probably the YouTuber with the highest subscriber count on my list, I find Louise’s calm, vlogs which are full of positive energy relaxing and she really can make me laugh. Personally, the things Louise has done since she changed her channel to a more ‘adult’ (but not in the way you are thinking) style much more enjoyable, and I appreciate her honesty. She is also the only YouTuber I have met as I stumbled upon a book event of hers in the Summer that I didn’t know was happening and got a last minute ticket!


Lily Pebbles

I think my favourite thing about Lily is that she is really real. Yes she can moan about silly things, and yes she can be a bit snappy at people, but I think that is what I enjoy about her. It doesn’t seem like she isn’t putting on a fake front to sell herself and her ‘perfect life’. I first discovered Lily, as I’m sure many others did, through her Bullet Journal Video and have been a subscriber since then. Lily makes interesting lifestyle and beauty videos and regularly vlogs, often including her close family and YouTube partner Anna Newton from TheAnnaEdit.


Marie from BitsandClips

You may notice that almost all of the YouTubers I have listed are British, and that is because, apart from Marie, I don’t really watch many YouTubers based outside of the UK. I do like to watch Marie’s videos though as, similarly to Louise, I find sitting down with one of her videos quite comforting. Something about Marie’s all-american ‘Momming’ and her lovely family life complete with chickens is really enjoyable to watch, and I particularly enjoy seeing all the strange American foods she buys in her food hauls (I know, it sounds quite sad).


Hazel Hayes

Hazel creates beautiful, artistic videos that inspire many, many people towards their own film making. As well as high quality short films, Hazel’s YouTube works also include to-camera essay pieces about cinema, the emotional Time of the Month series I became very connected to, the hilarious Tipsy Talks series and, an oldie but a goody, Unnecessary Otter! Dubliner Hazel comes across as a very genuine, no nonsense taken person who puts a lot of effort into the content she creates.


Carrie Hope Fletcher

Like with Hannah Witton, I think part of the reason I am drawn to Carrie as a Youtuber is that I do identify with her. Her love of literature, of musical theatre, and all manner of other lovely things really calls to me, although unfortunately I am neither a fan of tea nor of baths. Carrie’s behind the scene theatre vlogs are really fun and take me back to performing in stage shows as a kid and her song covers are breathtaking. I do sometimes feel her sit down and chat videos are aimed towards a younger audience than me, but she is someone I admire for all that she has achieved despite being only a few months older than me!


Who do you enjoy watching on YouTube? Do you have any suggestions of people I might like to watch, or do you subscribe to some of the people I have listed as well?


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  1. I love Louise’s videos, but I’ve not really heard of the other YouTubers you’ve mentioned…I’ll check them out so thanks for the recommendations!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey ☺
      Thanks for reading and glad you found new YouTubers!
      I always find that as there are so many different YouTubers now whenever I speak to someone about it they mention so many people I’ve never heard of either x


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